Run for the Water

Hi everyone!

On Sunday I ran the Run for the Water 10 miler, my first race since March. The race benefited the Gazelle foundation. The Gazelle foundation installs spring-fed water systems in Burandi. So far they have helped thousands of Burandians have access to clean water! I was worried I wouldn’t be able to finish, or the last mile or 2 would be a struggle, but it was fine! My time was 1:36:42 total and 48:07 for the first 5 miles. So my average pace was 9:40. Not bad! I ranked 20th out of 32 for the female 20-24 group.

To refuel after the race, my mom and I headed over the Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop for free vegan cupcakes. They were having their 3rd birthday/Halloween bash. We got a pumpkin with cinnamon buttercream and a ‘french toast’ cupcake. They were so awesome we forgot to take a picture!

On Friday we had a Halloween party in French. I brought some chocolate cupcakes with orange frosting. The cupcakes are from Vegan Cupcakes Take over the World. The frosting was my own recipe, but it didn’t turn out very well. It got too wet and dripped slowly of the cupcakes. They were still tasty, of course, but just very messy too eat, and not very visually appealing after this started to happen. Fortunately, they still looked okay when I brought them to my class, but the leftovers from class that I took home with me started to get drippy later that day.

I celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday recently. He requested a peach cobbler rather than a cake. I had never made a peach cobbler before, but I found a recipe in Vegan with a Vengeance and used that. It was delicious. He was very pleased! I decided to make him something rather than buy something, so I took an old apple juice jug and painted the logo of his favorite soccer team on it. I think he liked it.

I’m gearing up for my first half marathon on November 13th in San Antonio. I will have to work hard to get my mileage up, since I haven’t done more than 10 miles since before my injury.

What do you usually do for your significant other’s birthday?

Is there a dessert you would prefer over cake for your birthday? For me, no way! It’s not a birthday celebration without cake! But I have a raging sweet tooth.

Thanks for reading!

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Train Without Pain

Hi everyone! I haven’t posted in a while because school has been keeping me very busy lately, but I’m going to try to post at least once a week from now on.

A few weeks ago I went to screening called Train Without Pain at a running store called Luke’s Locker. Some physical therapists from New Dimensions came to the store and gave individual evaluations of each participant to determine whether there are problem areas that could cause (or have already caused) an injury. They evaluated the strength of important muscles, range of motions, and flexibility and recommended exercises to improve weak areas. They also watched me run to determine whether I was in good form, and looked at my feet.

I discovered that I am very flexible, except my IT band and hip flexors, and I have an excellent range of motion. However, several of my muscles were weak, including most of the muscles in my hips, my gluteus medius, and my hamstrings. They told me that I have excellent form! I land on my midfoot and take more, smaller steps. However, as I suspected, I over-pronate. I have a medium arch that tends to flatten out when I stand on it, but they showed me that because my feet are very flexible, I can mold them so that I do have an arch when I stand up. I definitely recommend this running screening to anyone in the Austin area. It costs $65, but it is worth it.






To correct for my over-pronation, I got some motion controlled running shoes. I chose some Nike lunar elite 2. Although I also liked the Brooks Adrenaline. These shoes are shockingly green inside!

I have the Run for the Water 10 Miler coming up this weekend. I’m really excited, as it’s my first race since March and my second race ever. When I first started running again after my injury, I was slow and couldn’t run for very long, but not I’m back up to 9.3 miles, so I think I’m ready for the race this weekend. After that, I have couple of half marathons coming up.

Here are some delicious, fat free cookies I made from the Happy Herbivore cookbook. They are very soft, cake like cookies. It only makes 11-16 cookies, and they will get eaten quickly, so make a double batch!






I will leave you with pictures of my cat being adorable. She gets in “crazy mode” sometimes, where she runs around the apartment running from/chasing imaginary things, and then jumps into the bathtub. I have no idea why she goes into the bathtub.

Do you have any upcoming races?

Do you have any pets? Do they do crazy, adorable things?

Thanks for reading! Have a great day.

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First Post

Hi and welcome to my new blog! I’m a 21 year old vegan who loves running, baking, and cooking, and this will be the main focus of my blog. I’ve been running since January of this year, and have come to love it! Today was my first day running after recovering from a minor injury to my right calf muscle. I had to take two weeks off because of this, so I was really exciting to start running again today! And my calf was fine. I was planning to run the San Antonio Marathon on November 13th before this happened, but after taking two weeks off, I don’t have enough time to train for a marathon. I was only up to 14.5 miles before the injury, and I’ve never run a marathon before. I’m going to run the half-marathon instead, though. I’m just glad that my injury was very minor and only needed a couple weeks of rest. I was worried that it would be worse.

Chai Spice Cake

Chai Spice Cake

A few weeks ago I made a chai spice cake for my mom’s birthday, trying to imitate my favorite cake sold at Wheatsville Co-op. I used the chai cupcake recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, and made 1.5 times the recipe. For the frosting, I used this recipe from forgiving martha. I topped it with crushed cinnamon sticks and chocolate chips. The frosting was amazing and perfect. The cake was pretty good, but somewhat chewy. Later I realized that I had used gluten flour (the stuff used for making seitan) instead of all purpose flour. My mom still liked it.



This is some hummus I made recently. I topped it with cumin, chili powder, Tony’s cajun seasoning (awesome stuff!), and crushed almonds. It is amazing, and lower in fat traditional hummus.

Rebecca’s Amazing Hummus


  • 3 or more peeled garlic cloves
  • 3 or more cups cooked chickpeas
  • chickpea cooking water
  • 1-4 TB lemon juice
  • 0-3 TB tahini
  • 1-4 TB tomato paste (optional)
  • cumin
  • chili power
  • crushed red pepper
  • sage
  • salt and black pepper
  • crushed almonds


Add peeled garlic cloves to a blender or food processor and process until garlic is minced. Add chickpeas, chickpea cooking water, lemon juice, tomato paste, and tahini to food processor, and process, adding more water as needed to get a smooth consistency. It might take a while to get it really smooth, but it’s worth it. Add spices and process to mix in. Use a spatula to transfer to a container and top with desired toppings, such as spices and crushed almonds, or leave plain.

Deep Dish Cookie Pie

Deep Dish Cookie Pie

This weekend I went to The Gathering of the Tribes potluck. It’s a giant vegan potluck that brings together all the vegan, vegetarian, and animal advocacy groups in Austin. This was the third Gathering of the Tribes potluck, but it was the first time I went. It was a lot of fun! I learned about new vegan businesses in Austin, as well as a petition to outlaw animal cruelty in the city of Austin. I ate delicious vegan food and met some new people. I brought the Deep Dish Cookie Pie from Chocolate Covered Katie. I’ve been salivating over the picture of this on Katie’s blog for weeks, so it was time to make it. I made two pies – one for the potluck and one to keep and share with my boyfriend and family. I made the recipe as is for the potluck, but for the one to keep at home, I replaced the oil called for with more applesauce. I tried both pies and couldn’t tell the difference.

Yesterday I went to a running screening at Luke’s Locker called Train without Pain. More on this next time.

Have you ever had a running or sports related injury? This is my first injury as a runner. I am hoping to prevent future injuries.

Do you ever mix up ingredients while baking or cooking? Does it usually turn out okay anyway? Once, while I was living in a co-op, one of my housemates accidentally added salt instead of sugar to the dessert they were baking! It was inedible.

Are you vegan, vegetarian or omnivorous? Is your town veg friendly? I am very lucky to live in such a vegan friendly city.

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