Great Day for a PR!

Hey everyone! I ran the 3M Half Marathon today, and I’m so happy and proud of my results! Especially considering I’m just getting back from an injury and was worried I wouldn’t even be able to do this race a few weeks ago.

Summary of Results:

Chip time: 2:06:27
Average pace: 9:39 min/mile
Max pace: 6:17 min/mile (which is the fastest pace I’ve ever seen on my garmin!!)
Average heart rate: 180 bpm
Max heart rate: 199 bpm (as I was approaching the finish line I think)

Mile by mile:

I’m really amazed that I got faster as the race went along. After completing the first few miles at a 9:42 pace, I was beginning to worry that I was going too fast and that I might not be able to keep it up the whole race. Boy was I wrong! In fact, the first few miles ended up being my slowest! It certainly helped that this was a net downhill race, going from Northwest Austin to Central Austin, and the weather was almost perfect. I say almost because it was about 37 F at 6:45 when the race started, but I warmed up enough to be very comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt within the first 2 miles. And the sky was clear, and there was no wind (my enemy while running).

Around miles 11-13, I was running through my neighborhood and pretty much flying down a hill that I usually run up on my routine running route. Then it was on through the UT campus, after which I knew I had to turn right onto a street and run uphill. Uphill at the end? Ugh!!!! Thankfully, when I got there, we only had to run about a hundred feet or so before turning onto a different street for the finally dash towards the finished line. My pace for the last 0.26 miles (my garmin calculated 13.26 miles instead of 13.1 miles for some reason) was 8:46! I’ve never run so fast for so long!

The only downside to finishing so fast was that my mom, who was supposed to meet me at the finish line, wasn’t there yet! I told her to get there around 9 am, maybe a few minutes earlier, but I ended up finishing at 8:56. So she didn’t see me cross the finish line, and we had a hard time finding each other when she did get there.

Overall it was a good race. I cut over 7 minutes off my previous half marathon PR. Afterwards, my boyfriend and I, along with a friend of ours, went to Counter Culture for lunch for their closing party. They are closing their trailer location today for good, so they can open a brick-and-mortar restaurant in March.

Thanks for reading!

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