Happy New Year and Race Recap

Hi everyone, it’s been I while! I lot has happened, including the Decker Challenge half marathon on December 11th. I did pretty well, 2:13:36, shaving almost 2 minutes off my R’n’R San Antonio time. Also, this was a much tougher race, with several steep hills to climb. I felt quite accomplished. Around miles 4 and 5, I had a lot of ankle pain, and it got so bad that I considered dropping out, but it subsided significantly after mile 5, so I kept going.

A few days later, however, I was having a lot of pain in my right shin and my ankles were still hurting a bit. The ankle pain was gone after the first few days, but the shin pain wasn’t and I had to take a couple weeks off from running. I have been getting back into it since the 1st, but doing it slowly because I still have some shin pain on and off, though none today on my 8 mile run!

I got a Garmin 305 for Christmas, which I love! Check out all this data from my run today:

Really cool, huh?

Due to taking time off from running, I’m afraid I probably won’t be ready to do the Austin Marathon on February 19th. Today’s 8 mile run was the furthest I’ve run since my injury, and before that I had only gotten up to 15 miles. I think I can do the the half instead, though.

I have a few goals for this year:

1. I want to run my first full marathon, even if it doesn’t happen on Febuary 19th.

2. I want run a sub 2 hour half marathon!

3. Do the capital 10K ago this year (I did this last year, and it was my first race ever!), and beat my time from last year (1:05:46) by at least 10 minutes. This is on March 25th.

4. Work on avoiding injuries. This means that I need to stop running every run as fast as I can while still completing the distance. Most of my runs need to be much slower than that. I’ve been doing well with this in the few runs I’ve done since the injury, because I really don’t want the shin pain to return. And, I want to be better about taking a rest day or two when something starts to hurt, before it gets worse.

Thanks for reading!

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