Rock and Roll San Antonio Recap

Hi everyone! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? On November 13th, I ran the Rock and Roll San Antonio half marathon. I’ve been training for this since July, when I was planning to do the full. It’s probably for the best that I didn’t do the full, since I’ve only been running for 10 months. That’s a little soon, and I think I probably would have ended up with a worse injury than I had back in October, when I took a couple weeks off.  I’m planning to do the Austin Livestrong Marathon on Febuary 19th as my first marathon.

This was my first half marathon ever. I did pretty well, considering that I had 2 weeks to go from the 10 miles I ran for Run for the Water to 13.1 miles. I usually only increase my long runs 1 mile per week, but I did a 12 miler the week between the two.

My time was 2:15:15. Not bad, but I was aiming for 2:10 or so. I think I went too fast at the beginning. I ran my first mile in 9:45, but I wanted to run every mile at a 10 minute pace. I slowed down a little so that I ran about 10 minutes per mile for the first 9 or 10 miles, but after that I slowed even more. I ended up walking on and off for some of the last mile, but I made sure I was running as I crossed the finish line.

My parents and my boyfriend waited for me at mile 8 to cheer me on. They are so awesome! I was still going strong at mile 8, but it definitely motivated me. When I finished it took so long to find them because there were about 25,000 people in the race. We had to walk about a mile back to our hotel, which was not fun. I was so sore! Fortunately, by Tuesday the soreness was long gone. I sported my No Meat Athlete shirt during the race, which I think I will wear for all my races from now on.

A group of vegans running the race set up a fundraiser for Sunny Day Farms, with a goal of raising $100 for every mile of the marathon. We did it! We raised $2665! There was also a raffle to win awesome vegan stuff if you donated, and I won it! I received my pralines today.

In the week since the half marathon, I have improved a lot running wise. In my running class yesterday, we ran a timed mile, and I did it in 7:50! Our last timed mile was in mid-October, and I ran it in 8:42. My first timed mile when I took the class last spring was 10:26. That was only a few weeks after I had started running. I think I’ve also been enjoying running more. Looking at my training log, for every run since the race, I wrote that I felt ‘amazing’ or ‘awesome’!

I will leave you with photos of some pumpkin muffins with maple icing, courtesy of Happy Herbivore cookbook….

A beautiful green smoothie (spinach, frozen bananas, grapes, flax-seed, almond milk)….

And Kasey, queen of dirty laundry hill. (Hey, I’m a busy college student!)

Thanks for reading!

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One Response to Rock and Roll San Antonio Recap

  1. lazysmurf says:

    That is so cool that you ran the race and won the prize package!!!!!!!!

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